Defender Center for Human Rights

َAbout us

Center for Human Rights Defender Association (CHRDA) is an independent non-governmental organisation registered and founded in France in 2016. CHRDA aims at promoting rights of Human rights Defenders and vulnerable population, analysing the difficulties facing the application of International Human Rights Law and disseminating Human Rights Culture in the Region as well as engaging in a dialogue between cultures.

A crucial part of CHRDA’ mandate is to help shape the understanding of the most pressing human rights defenders concerns within the region and then to coordinate and mobilise the key players and NGOs from across the MENA region to work together towards solutions.

Furthermore, CHRDA is a Libyan HRD’s network; working on supporting, empowering and protecting Libyan HRDs inside and outside Libya. CHRDA is a member of the Platform (Coalition of 13 Libyan organisations).

CHRDA emerged from the need to find a space for Jurists outside their country, especially with the outbreak of armed conflict in several cities in Libya and targeting defenders and activists; attacks and abuses sometimes reached the limit of assassinations.

CHRDA main activities:

  • Protecting and capacity building to HRDs and supporting CSOs.
  • Advocacy campaigns aim to guarantee to apply the international standards of Human Rights concept in Libya.
  • Focusing on the legislative structure related to the work of civil society
  • Empowering the right of freedom of expression and the right of freedom of assembly and association.
  • Researches and studies on Human Rights situation and legal analysis.
  • Promoting a culture of impunity and supporting accountability mechanisms.
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